Fast Company asked Eli Howayeck, the founder and CEO of Crafted Career Concepts, for the signs that you’re in a career rut.

If you’re feeling bored, a lack of motivation and just plain tired you might be in a career rut. Fear not. There are steps you can take to make your day to day better whether it’s small changes or a new job altogether. First, you have to know the signs.

From Lisa Evan’s Article: 

“When you’re in a rut, you engage in self-sabotaging behaviors to protect yourself, and tend to avoid dealing with your lack of fulfillment,” says career consultant Eli Howayeck, founder and CEO of Crafted Career Concepts in Milwaukee.

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“As much as you may think you’re faking your engagement well, inevitably someone on your team, or a manager, will ask, “Are you okay?” “You can’t get away with acting different from the way you feel for very long,” says Howayeck.”

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