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Catalyst Program

What will we do?

We help you stand out, accelerate your Job search, and develop a plan to advance your career.



Determine Your Objectives

Whether its to advance within, land a new job, step up your search efforts, change fields, find a career after military duty, return to a career after raising children, considering going back to school or just finishing, we’ll identify and document your goals and objectives. They will be specific, measurable and realistic. CraftedCC helps to hold you accountable to career goal  milestones and provides you valuable feedback and validation.

SWOT Analysis

We identify and explore your Strengths and Weaknesses and discuss their relationship to your career or search efforts. We discuss Opportunities that lay in front of you as well as potential Threats (real and perceived) you face.

Comprehensive Experience Review

We’ll spend time reviewing your work history to identify valuable experience, transferable skills, and professional insights that you may have overlooked. Through discussion, reflection, and self-directed efforts, we’ll test your attitudes and beliefs and challenge conventional paradigms in an effort to gain fresh perspective and insights into your career and the way you feel about it.

Experience Crafting

“Experience Crafting” is an integral part of understanding and building your brand. Together, we’ll brainstorm and dig deep to determine how to effectively present your background and experience to employers and clients to achieve maximum impact.  The content we craft together serves as the backbone of your networking and interviewing strategies.

What will you get?


The knowledge, tools and confidence from our experienced specialists to take your career to the next level while making the transition smooth.

Career Catalyst Program

Resume Refinement

Your resume functions as an anchor throughout your career search or when seeking internal advancement opportunity. We’ll improve your resume dramatically and strategically align it with you networking and interviewing strategies.

Interview Preparation / Feedback

Get to yes! Interview with more confidence and improve your ‘batting average’. We’ll explore creative new ways to approach and overcome the challenges and concerns you face from employers. You’ll receive unbiased and insightful feedback to help you stand apart from other candidates.

Social Network Makeover

New economy, new media…no sweat. Your Social Strategy is more important than ever! Your Social engagement can enhance or hurt your overall brand. We’ll review your social media footprint, optimize your LinkIn profile and provide you with recommended tactics designed to enhance Your Brand.

Elevator Pitch & "About You" Statement

What kind of role are you looking for? Tell me a little bit about yourself? These are common questions in networking discussions and interviews and your answers matter! We help you clearly convey your Story, abilities, and track record of success.

Networking Strategies

Getting the job or promotion is about more than just “who you know”. Networking is much more than talking to other professionals, sharing information about yourself, and inquiring about potential opportunities. We’ll help you appropriately identify and connect with key resources both inside and outside of your personal and professional networks. You’ll learn creative new strategies for networking naturally and with more confidence.

Customized Networking Cards

Avoid the one-sided business card exchange and awkward explanations about why you don’t have a card to share. Your customized cards contain your contact details, convey your brand, and leave a lasting impression.

What will CATALYST do for you?



More Interview Callbacks


Supercharge Your Networking Efforts


Improve Interviewing Skills


Get Hired Faster


Increase Your Confidence


Improve Job Search


Earn More Money


Receive Unbiased Feedback


Advance Your Career

The Challenge

There is no magic formula for achieving career success and what defines ‘success’ varies widely. Your career journey will go through ups, downs, and periods of stagnation. Successful executives surround themselves with consultants and coaches for the same reasons that elite athletes do – to achieve and maintain peak performance. For the rest of us, seeking professional feedback that’s unbiased, creative and highly effective can be difficult.

The Solution

Our specialists offer career-based assistance and training to professionals and students through one on one and Micro-Group training programs. CraftedCC is dedicated to helping professionals evaluate career opportunities, develop/build their ‘brand’, and achieve their career growth objectives. The CATALYST Program provides a personalized and unique feedback experience that gives you the insights, tools and confidence you need to take your career to the next level.


of People Do Not Feel Engaged in Their Career


of Millennials Will Change Jobs in the Next 4 Years

Catalyst Explained 

Changing careers after 50 – how to make a smooth transition

Changing careers after 50 – how to make a smooth transition

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What to consider before accepting a new job

What to consider before accepting a new job

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