Catalyst for Employers: Career Skills and Transition Support helping your employees adapt to change, (re)define their personal brand, and advance their career.

Benefits to Employers


Empower Employees in Transition


Support & Reward Loyal Employee Service


Reduce Unemployment & Separation Expenses


Enhance Goodwill & Company Culture

Benefits to Employees


Transition to New Roles More Quickly


Receive Timely Search Support and Professional Coaching


Improve Networking & Interviewing Effectiveness


More Confidence, Creativity, & Optimism

What will CATALYST do for your employees?


Determine Objectives

We help employees establish specific, measurable and realistic career goals and provide them with the support and accountability that they throughout their transition.

SWOT Analysis

Employees explore their Strengths and Weaknesses and discuss the relationship and impact that each can have on their career growth. We vet Opportunities and the potential Threats, both real and perceived, that participants must face in a job search or career overall.

Comprehensive Experience Review

Participants identify valuable experiences, transferable skills, and insights that may be overlooked. We help individuals challenge conventional paradigms and give permission to think more creatively about their career and personal growth.

Experience Crafting

“Experience Crafting” is an integral part of understanding and building your brand. We help employees think differently and ‘dig deep’ to determine how to effectively present their background and experience to employers and clients to achieve maximum impact. This process helps individuals craft effective networking and interviewing strategies.

What will your employees get?

CATALYST provides the career tools, professional coaching, optimism, and confidence needed to make a successful transition

Resume Refinement

A resume functions as an anchor throughout the career search or when internal advancement opportunities. We help the employee improve their resume dramatically and strategically align it with their networking and interviewing strategies.

Interview Preparation / Feedback

Get to yes! We help executives, managers and employees explore creative new ways to approach and overcome challenges or concerns the face from potential employers. They get unbiased feedback build strategies to distinguish themselves from other candidates.

Social Network Makeover

New economy, new media…no sweat. Social Strategy is more important than ever and a social footprint (or lack of one) can help or hurt one’s overall Brand and limit career growth opportunities.  We evaluate social media footprints, optimize LinkedIn profiles, and make personalized recommendations for social media engagement.

Elevator Pitch & "About You" Statements

What kind of role are you looking for? Tell me a little bit about yourself? These are common questions in networking discussions and interviews and your answers matter! We help you clearly convey your Story, abilities, and track record of success.

Networking Strategies

Networking does not come naturally to everyone. We help people identify and connect with key resources both inside and outside of their networks. Participants learn creative new strategies for networking naturally and with more confidence.

Customized Networking Cards

Participants receive custom cards for their networking and search efforts, helping them more effectively convey their brand and leave a lasting impression in their networking and career search efforts.

The Challenge

People are company’s #1 asset . But sometimes, reorganizations, staff reductions, or layoffs are necessary in order for businesses to keep pace with competition, regulation, or changing market conditions. In these times, separating employees may need immediate career support to help them make an effective transition. Managers and staff must adapt to new ways of doing business while making sense of the impact that the changes have on their colleagues and themselves.

The Solution

CATALYST is a personalized and unique feedback experience that provides employees with the insights, tools, and confidence needed to make an effective career transition. We help professionals evaluate new career opportunities, develop and build their ‘Brand’, and achieve their career and personal growth objectives. CATALYST is a Career Wellness Benefit that demonstrates an unconditional commitment to overall employee well-being.


of employers believe that providing outplacement improves staff morale, motivation and productivity


believe that outplacement consulting and career transition services improve the organizations' image, both internally and externally

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