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Sales Teams and IndividualsManagers and Producers

Sales Coaching


Process, feedback, tools, and accountability


One-on-one and team coaching


Confidential, unbiased, and results-driven


Program and hourly coaching options

Training for Producers & Sales managers


Get more “at bats” for Producers


Improve their “batting average”


Develop Leadership Skills

Let us show you our proven process crafted to help your business, people, and clients relationships grow.

What we deliver and why it works:

    • A crafted experience designed to produce visible and objective outcomes by integrating leading-edge learning principles with insights and strategies from today’s leading sales/management thought leaders and gurus
    • An immersive experience blending active learning principles and scaled practice to drive behavior change
    • Teaches and integrates vital behaviors, builds a personalized sales/action plan, and delivers tangible results
    • Frequent follow-up and feedback through manager interactions and coaching check-ins fosters trust and reinforces a shared commitment to both individual and team goals
  • Ongoing coaching provides valuable real-time support and a confidential channel for vulnerability and confidential feedback to accelerates success

Training Crafted for Your Business

Sales Management and Accountability Training

Making an effective transition and leading growth. New leaders will be able to:

  • Leverage your skills as an excellent sales professional to develop your direct reports
  • Provide effective coaching & support to your individual producers
  • Manage team and individual sales/growth pipelines
  • Create accountability for development goals
  • Get comfortable with difficult conversations, delivering feedback, and playing “energy judo”

New Sales Producers & Growing Sales Teams

Build best in class selling skills and achieve high performance. You’ll be able to:

  • Establish yourself, build your brand, and tell your story
  • “Dial in” to the sales mindset and key behaviors of top producers
  • Create & execute your personal development plan
  • Leverage sales activities into learning experiences
  • Uncover needs, provide solutions, and overcome objections (to your product/service and you!)

Experienced Sales Producers Ready to Take Performance to the Next Level

Drive “next level” sales performance and take control of career growth and development. You’ll be able to:

  • Identify your keys to career/sales success and take ownership of your growth curve
  • Create & execute your personal development plan
  • Leverage job activities into learning experiences and push through fear and resistance
  • Manage upwards to get support for your career growth

Coaching Programs

Catalyst Career Accelerator

Did you know?

  • Percentage of Millennials that will change jobs within 4 years. 91% 91%
  • Percentage of employees surveyed that do not feel engaged at work. 63% 63%
  • Percentage of Baby Boomers that feel they’ll never be able to afford retirement. 36% 36%
  • Percentage of Boomers that see themselves working until the age of 70. 50% 50%

Recruiters spend less than

seconds looking at your resume before making a decision.

We honor imperfection, celebrate vulnerability and always think creatively…and often unconventionally. This is what makes CraftedCC different.

Eli Howayeck

Owner, Crafted CC

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