The Harvard Business Review describes getting laid off as, “perhaps the most professionally traumatic experience you’ll ever have.” After losing a job, a person can feel hopeless, stressed, overwhelmed and anxious. Gaining motivation – but also knowing HOW to navigate ahead – can be a real challenge.

In our practice at Crafted Career Concepts, it’s our job to help people move forward, and we’ve vetted several strategies that make a significant and positive difference for those rebounding from a job loss:

hiking-1058499-639x424Take a Break. Whatever time frame is comfortable for you, take some time and space to process what has happened. Let the details, stories and feelings bubble up so you can acknowledge them, accept them and let them go. Do something fun. Take a short trip. Be active. Complete a meaningful project you’ve been putting off. As you work through the change, engage a few trusted people and gather feedback, but don’t make any decisions in the immediate days after your job loss. You want to move forward from solid footing and solid feelings.

 Cover your immediate bases to alleviate anxiety. The most anxiety-producing thought may be that your needs, and those of your family, aren’t covered. Revisit your finances, monthly expenses and relevant circumstances to develop a plan
with short-term changes you can make right away. Engage your family and agree to the plan together.

writing-1560276-640x480 Write an exit statement you feel good about. The Exit Statement explains the reasons for your departure, which factors were not within your control and what strengths and accomplishments you will bring to your next position. It’s brief, authentic and positive. We have found a prepared exit statement is extremely helpful for clients, not just with colleagues and future employers, but with friends, relatives and acquaintances as well.

 Get your house in order.  It’s time to build a strong resume, LinkedIn profile and elevator pitch. All three of these elements should work together and be consistent with strong language and authentic messaging. Clients have shared that our resume builder and messaging support is one of the most powerful services we provide. Contact one of our consultants if you’d like help building your brand.  

Helping hand shakes another hand as part of an agreement

 Build and Sustain Momentum. Commit to your search as a daily practice, just like yoga, race training or meditation would be. Dress for success, pursue conversations in informational interviews, networking events and everyday encounters. Network naturally for your style. Build a schedule for your week that commits time to online searches and in-person conversations.  

While losing a job may feel like an end, it is your beginning to what lays ahead. Having these strategies along with a Crafted Career consultant as your champion, can move you forward into exciting territory and, ultimately, your next position.