Career Coach Eli Howayeck of Crafted Career Concepts and 401K expert Tom Parks of Annex Wealth Management dish about the importance of preparation, vulnerability and feedback in career and retirement planning.

Would you show up to prom without a date, sweaty, and wearing workout clothes? No way! Nobody would dance with you. Enjoying “the dance” requires advanced planning and preparation.

The same is true for our career, our brand, and our retirement savings! With all of these, most people admit that they don’t have their “ducks in a row” and are underprepared for things like job loss and a secure retirement.

Tom Parks, head of 401K business and retirement at Annex Wealth Management, sees the same dynamic with his clients when discussing retirement savings and planning with clients. People are not prepared and they know it, but that doesn’t always translate into concrete action.

Career and finances are vulnerable topics and can be difficult to discuss with friends, family and colleagues. But that doesn’t change the fact that leaning into vulnerability and getting help and feedback leads to better outcomes. Go have the conversations you need to have!