I admit that I’ve done  my fair share of procrastinating. Homework, projects, starting book reports late, waiting until the night before (or morning of) to pack for a trip – even one that I’m excited for. Heck, I procrastinated in writing this blog post. But I used a little hack to finish and finally publish this thing. I set some deadlines.

I worked on it this morning after setting a deadline for myself. Not a real or formal, third party imposed  deadline, but one I made up. I created a “time’s running out” scenario. Like the one you created on the driveway with a basketball when you were a kid. “There’s 10 seconds left in the game, you’re down by one and (insert your last name) has got the ball. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…you shoot (make it, of course)….and the crowd goes wild! “

Procrastination doesn’t have to be a dirty word.  The stress and low grade anxiety of last minuteness juices me. It gets me going; provides a spark of energy to gear up for the task at hand. I do some of my most focused and creative work when I’m facing a deadline.

Right now, I’m working against what Seth Godin recently called “manufactured last minutes”.  He says, “If you need the last minute to be your best self, first go manufacture some last minutes.”

My adult version of the playground countdown – I have 3% battery remaining on my Macbook. If I don’t finish and make my point, my computer will die and I won’t finish this post. Not today friends. I’ve made my point. How can you make YOUR tendency to procrastinate work forever in your favor?  My battery is at 2%…1%, …he finishes the post!….AND THE CROWD GOES WILD!