Better Candidates. Faster Placements. Happier Clients.

What will we do for your Candidates?

Align Client & Candidate Objectives

We work with you to understand the position to be filled, the job requirements, and specific needs of your client. Working as a member of your staffing team or strictly behind the scenes, CandidateCoach helps you align the objectives of both Client and Candidate.

SWOT Analysis

We identify and explore candidates’ Strengths and Weaknesses and discuss a variety of Opportunities to make your candidates stand out among other candidates. We look closely at potential Threats (real and perceived) that your candidates may face, positioning them for greater success in the process.

Experience Review

We spend time with your candidates to identify valuable experience, transferable skills, and professional insights that your client cares about. We ask the right questions to get to the source of roadblocks. We’re experts in optimism and help candidates get past ‘glass half empty’ thinking and help them address any weaknesses, qualification gaps, or other red flags with confidence.

Experience Crafting

“Experience Crafting” is an integral part of understanding and building up your candidate’s Brand. We help you and your candidate think differently and determine how to most effectively present their background and experience to the employer.

What will your Candidate get?

CandidateCoach gets your Candidates ready for “Prime Time” while you focus on growing your business.

Resume Refinement

A resume functions as an anchor throughout the interview process. We help improve your candidate’s resume dramatically, aligning it with their interview strategy and talking points.

Interview Preparation / Feedback

Get to yes! We help your executive, management, and other specialty candidates explore creative ways to approach and overcome the challenges or concerns they may face from potential employers. Candidates receive unbiased feedback helpful strategies to distinguish themselves from the field.

Social Network Makeover

New economy, new media…no sweat. Social Strategy is more important than ever and a social footprint (or lack of one) can help or hurt one’s overall Brand and limit career growth opportunities.  We evaluate your candidate’s social media footprint, optimize their LinkIn profile, and make personalized recommendations for social media engagement to help them stand out.

Elevator Pitch & "About You" Statements

What kind of role are you looking for? Tell me a little bit about yourself? These are common questions in networking discussions and interviews and how your candidate answers these questions matter! We help them clearly convey their Story, abilities, and track record of success.

Networking Strategies

Networking does not come naturally to everyone. We help people identify and connect with key resources both inside and outside of their networks. Candidates learn creative strategies for networking naturally and with more confidence.

Customized Networking Cards

Participants receive custom cards for their networking and search efforts, helping them more effectively convey their brand and leave a lasting impression in their networking and career search efforts.

The Challenge

Larger staffing firms separate the Client Relationship Management and Business Development functions from the Recruiting function. Smaller agencies and independent headhunters typically wear both ‘hats’ and balancing the two functions effectively can be difficult. Adding to an already complex set of incentives and interests, candidates understand that recruiter’s incentives are more closely aligned with the employer and may approach recruiters cautiously or avoid this career channel altogether.

The Solution

CandidateCoach is a staffing and recruiting support program that significantly improves the overall quality and readiness of your candidates and positions them at the top of your client’s ‘Must Hire List’. CandidateCoach provides expert resume support, interview preparation, coaching, and feedback to prepare them for “Prime Time” We give your candidates a personalized and unique feedback experience that goes beyond the placement while supercharging your placement business.


of the U.S. labor force is actively looking for work.


of all recruiters report having hired someone through LinkedIn

How does Candidate Coach supercharge your staffing business?

We act as the ‘high performance layer’ to your business development, recruiting, and placement efforts.

Improve Client & Candidate Satisfaction

We work confidentially with your candidate(s) to get them ready on paper and in person. Your client will notice something special about your candidate – that they are a clear fit and obvious choice for the role.

Enjoy Faster Placements

See your candidates move successfully through the interview process and make it to the final stages more often. Candidates will feel better prepared and better able to convey how their talents and experiences would benefit the company.

Grow Your Practice

Spend less time crafting resume language and more time on business development. We specialize in the insights, coaching and preparation that puts your candidate at the front of the line of the hiring decision.
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