Staffing and Recruiting Solutions

Enjoy faster staffing placements and happier clients. Focus on new business opportunities and leave the ‘staging’ to us. Crafted Career Concepts helps get your top candidates ready for ‘Prime Time’ and get hired.

Supercharge Your Business!


We act as a ‘high performance layer’ to your business development, recruiting and placement efforts.

We help recruiters prepare and present the highest quality candidates to employers and human resource decision makers. We offer highly customized research, coaching support, and candidate preparation solutions to support your retained and/or contingency placement opportunities.

We are not a staffing or placement agency. We offer consulting services to staffing agencies, placement companies, recruiters, and employers to help identify, place, advance and retain great people.

We specialize in unique circumstances, complex employment arrangements and delivering challenging candidate feedback. Our support allows clients to work though challenges on a more ‘arm’s length’ basis and yields better results.


Specialized company and candidate research


Role specific preparation and interview strategies (Candidate Coach)


Confidential & independent candidate assessment


Contract/contingent employee coaching assignments


Contract outplacement services

Better Candidates, Faster Placements


Candidate Feedback


Resume Refinement


Interview Preparation


Independent, Unbiased Coaching


Expert coaching that incorporates industry knowledge, competitive landscape and regulatory environment. Trust CraftedCC to get your top candidates to the ‘finalist’ stages of the recruiting process.

Benefits to Staffing Agencies

Enjoy Faster Placements

See your candidates move successfully through the interview process and make it to the final stages more often. Recruits will feel better prepared and better able to convey how their talents and experiences would benefit the company.

Improve Client & Candidate Satisfaction

We work confidentially with your candidate(s) to get them ready on paper and in person. Your client will notice something special about your candidate – that they are a clear fit and obvious choice for the role.

Grow Your Practice

Spend less time crafting resume language and more time on business development. We specialize in the insights, coaching and preparation that puts your candidate at the front of the line of the hiring decision.

What to consider before accepting a new job

What to consider before accepting a new job

As Crafted Career Concepts' career coach, I advise my clients to ask themselves these questions when going through the process of accepting a new job. Am I running “to” this job or “away” from my current job. If you’re not currently working, the question is the same...

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