Selling is an art AND a science. Professional selling is not about being outgoing, well-liked, social, or extraverted (those are all great attributes, but not required to be effective in sales.)

Effective selling requires us to uncover the needs of the client or their business. Then you need to demonstrate that your product, service or solution is a strong fit to address the need/pain. Finally, you must also prove that you are their best alternative to their status quo AND a better choice than the competitive options the client has.

Remember, “closing” is not something that necessarily happens at the end (even if that’s when you find out). It’s a process that can happen suddenly, early, late, or slowly in the sales process. As a salesperson or sales manager, I don’t care when it happens as long as it happens. Here are three types of statements that accelerate the trust-building process and speed to close.

Here’s my favorite sales language that can be generally applied to virtually any situation.

A Statement of Awareness and Emotional Intelligence: 
“Our solution/product/service addresses and solves the key challenges we’ve discussed.”

This statement allows you to tell stories about other clients similar to your prospect that have benefited from partnering with you or have been in their shoes before and with the help of you or your solution, is much better off now.

A Statement of Confidence: 
“I will be 100% committed to delivering as promised for you (or ensuring that my team/company does).”

In business, we usually understand that the sales representative is not the only person delivering on the goods or services as promised. There’s a team behind it, a product, or other partners that deliver. Express your awareness of this and then assure them that if something does go wrong, you’ll be all over it to make sure it gets fixed.

A Statement of Interest, vulnerability, and authenticity:
“I’d love to have you as my client. What reasons, if any, would you chose not to move forward or choose another option?”

People are so afraid to ask for what they want. Don’t be. When you’re in sales, everyone knows that you’d like to sell something. It seems funny to me that people are shy about saying, “hey, this is important to me. Its how I spend my day and put food on the table.”

These things don’t have to happen in order and you don’t have to hit all three to make the sale. But statements like these are highly correlated with getting to “yes”, winning business and bringing in assets.