Crafted Career Concepts founder and CEO Eli Howayeck was interviewed for a recent ValuePenguin piece on how to negotiate your way out of the pay gap.

About a year ago, Julia Egan discovered that a female colleague made 47% more money than she did. In a meeting soon after that, she broached the topic of pay with her coworker, but before she could share how little she was making, her coworker confided that she was frustrated because she made 20% to 25% less than their male colleagues.

“I left the meeting realizing not only that my colleague was paid 47% more than me, but that other male colleagues were making over 60% more than me,” Egan said.

Instead of negotiating, Egan decided to start her own business, Balancing Bravely, which offers support to working mothers. Working directly with other women helped her identify the struggle for fair compensation as a common issue facing women across employers and industries…

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