As Crafted Career Concepts’ career coach, I advise my clients to ask themselves these questions when going through the process of accepting a new job.

  1. Am I running “to” this job or “away” from my current job. If you’re not currently working, the question is the same but stated differently – are you accepting because you believe it’s a good fit for you or because you feel insecure about your ability to find something that is a better fit?  It’s human nature to be risk-averse at times when it comes to our paycheck and financial livelihood, but the fear of what may or may not be around the corner can lead you to accept a job that is not a great fit. This can open the door to a whole host of challenges.
  2. Is there both advancement opportunity and variety? If you wind up loving the company but not loving the job, will the company’s operations and culture provide an opportunity to find a better fit within the company?
  3. When the job pays more than your prior position, is the juice worth the squeeze? A big promotion or increase in pay is great. In fact, you’re worth it. But companies expect to get what they pay for so if they are paying a premium to acquire you and your talents, what expectations will the company or your boss have for you? Do you have the confidence and executive presence to rise to the expectations?